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People who finished a one-day trip gather. To craft beer one hand, are snacks Nachos? Is it TACOS? Let's be going to have Burrito; or ・・. Shall the second cup make a stronger spirits what I shall drink?
I have fun of chattering and listen to music, and the night to spend with congenial friends passes in no time. The place that people different in the age and the occupation and the sex and the nationality gather freely, and can come back to the real self in each pleasure. I send a delicious meal and liquor to a new encounter and the conversing with with the friend to all of you.​


​Mealbox Style¥1,300 


Food ¥850~ 

Drink bar ¥150

​Coffee・Beverage ¥390~


Food ・Drink ¥300~ 

Eating a Meal

we are  open!

There is a takeaway menu here!

Morning: 7:00〜10:30




〒601-8004 京都府京都市南区東九条山王町15 変なホテル京都 八条口駅前店 1階


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